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Long Skinny Park
Located on N Lakeshore Drive
Between the South and Middle Bayous
Condition of the Seawall in 2015:
  The seawall has essentially failed.
  The pictures below show severe erosion.  Erosion puts soil into the lake which contributes to algae blooms.
  The concrete cap installed on top of a vertical sheet-piling seawall is largely unsupported and tilting toward the lake.
The steel sheet-piling below the concrete cap is honeycombed with corrosion.
  Areas of the earth behind the sheet-piling have washed into the lake leaving a holes and creating a hazard, particularly to children.
Better Seawall Design:
  A vertical seawall scours the lakebed making it difficult for fish to spawn and for children to get out of the water.
  A sloping seawall would be a better design.
  Riprap would be safer for children and more attractive than broken concrete.
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