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Protecting Hamlin Lake for Future Generations 

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The President’s Letter

Fall 2011

This is my first letter to the members, as the newly elected President of the Hamlin Lake Preservation Society.  I am greatly honored to serve in this capacity and only hope to continue the good work of my predecessor, Jim Pinkerton.   I am also grateful for the willingness of our newly elected board members, Ginny Hluchan, Wihelmina Steketee, Dick Todd, Tim Kalina and Mark Otto to serve the residents of Hamlin Lake. 

The people who serve with me on this board share a common interest with all of us.  They have a deep appreciation for the beauty of Hamlin Lake and wish to help protect it for future generations.  We are fortunate to have board members with such a wide variety of capabilities and interests.  Their combined backgrounds bring us much experience with water quality, aquatic vegetation and, fisheries management concerns.  Not to be overlooked, are those with good computer and financial management backgrounds.  Wayne Disegna does a great job with our newsletter and Kathy McGill promises to be a real benefit as our new treasurer.  The point is that every board member brings something valuable to help the residents of Hamlin Lake.  As a member of HLPS, you too are a vital component.  We value your comments and concerns and need your input to help make our organization even stronger.  We encourage members to volunteer their assistance with one of our lake restoration, water quality survey, or fund raising events. 

Another way to assist our organization is by helping to recruit new members.  Don’t hesitate to share your newsletter with interested neighbors, letting them know the benefits of joining our Hamlin Lake Preservation Society. 

 Above all, much gratitude is owed to retiring board members, Jim Pinkerton, Bonnie Wood, Linda Leibole, Diane Boulais, Sue Austin and Lloyd Gearhart for their years of excellent service.  I would also like to thank Judy Thorpe, John Thorpe, Alison Puffer, and Peg Gage for their great presentation at the August 6th annual dinner meeting.  Their historical account of the Hamlin Lake Dummy Train was both informative and entertaining.  By dressing in early period clothes, they added a unique dimension to the program.

 Finally, it’s that time of year again when many of us start looking to head south for warmer temperatures.  It may be hard to think ahead to next summer and the wonderful Hamlin Lake’s fireworks display, but this is one of our most popular events.  I know of no other display that has the marvelous reverberating echo that we get from the surrounding hills.  We are looking for donations to help make next summer’s fireworks even more spectacular.  Our goal is to get a few more of the larger diameter shells that everyone seemed to enjoy so much.  Remember the big willow shell that rained down all the way to the ground at the end of the finale? 

 Have a safe and enjoyable winter and we’ll see you back next spring. 

 Your HLPS President,

Bruce Pelletier



  Hamlin Lake Preservation Society, PO Box 178, Ludington, MI 49431