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DNR Permit

February 6, 2012
Proposal to repair the boat launch at the Duneview road-end

The boat launch just south of the north bayou has been progressively eroding.  This is the boat launch that faces west at the end of Duneview and is popular with wind surfers.  Forty feet of shore has washed into Hamlin Lake over forty years.

This picture is looking NW toward the dunes and shows the dramatic loss of soil into the lake.  Part of the white rip-rap is a gabion with which the riparian is attempting to prevent erosion from flanking his sheet piling.  At the bottom right of the picture you can see the friable soil which boat-trailers push out into the lake


The HLPS board formed a committee of Keith Crompton, Lynn Hoepfinger, and Jim Clark to make a recommendation.  Local neighbors, Dale Beaupre and Jim Maddux, have also joined with us to find a solution.


Our recommendation is to install a stone rip-rap sea-wall:

1.      55 feet along both sides of the boat launch. (110 feet total)

2.      Use 4 to 24 inch stone on landscape cloth.

3.      Extend the stone into the lake with a low-slope for the waves to run-up.

Install a minimum boat-launch:

1.      Constructed of concrete planks.

2.      12 feet wide by 4 feet long, linked, and laid on the lake bottom.

3.      Pave the existing gravel approach from Duneview to the logs.

Use plants as shoreline buffers behind and over the sea-wall:

1.      Native plants which have deep roots.

2.      Medium shrub; winterberry.

3.      Low shrubs; dogwood, cranberry .

4.      Flowers; day Lilies, joe-pye, iriis.

5.   None that will interfere with a view of the lake.



1.      Move the bulletin board and donation tube back.

2.      Provide an impervious pad for the port-a-john.

An informal first estimate of the cost is $28,000.  The committee is looking for suggestions on how to finance this project.


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