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We would like your help.


In honor of Hamlin Township’s 150th anniversary, the Hamlin Lake Preservation Society is sponsoring an initiative to move an historic cottage from Hamlin Lake to Historic White Pine Village.


This structure will be the center piece of an exhibit that attempts to recreate what it was like for a summer visitor to decamp from the dummy train, catch a launch, and move into a vacation cottage on Hamlin Lake.  In the words of advertisements in the early 20th century, Hamlin Lake was the “Playground of the Western World,” or “”To those in search of rest and recreation there is nothing in the world to rival it.” At the end of the lumbering era life on Hamlin Lake was rustic indeed: kerosene lanterns, water pumped by hand, outhouses, but the fishing, boating and “bathing” (swimming) were just fine.

The first phase of this initiative will be to identify a cottage that will be accepted for inclusion at Historic White Pine Village.  If you know of such a structure, please contact us.


The second phase will involve costing out and raising the funds to move and install the structure at the Village. When the time comes, we will be looking for donors who can make this move possible.


The third phase will involve planning the exhibits within the structure and raising the funds to install them.  Donations of period items that vacationers would have used will also be sought. The sophistication of the overall exhibit will be limited only by the amount of money that we can raise.

The Hamlin Lake Preservation Society has appointed board members James Clark and Alison Puffer to the organizing committee.  Virginia Hluchan, Larry Scherer, Judy and John Thorp have volunteered to serve on this committee. 


John Thorp is the contact person for the first phase of this project.  If you are interested in supporting this initiative in anyway, please contact him at, 6204 Grace Ave, or 845-5775.



  Hamlin Lake Preservation Society, PO Box 178, Ludington, MI 49431