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The dedication date of the Hamlin Sculpture  has been changed to
Friday July 24th at 5pm. 
There was just too much surrounding the fishing tourney on the 17th to have both events simultaneously taking place. We have coordinated the revised date with the City, the Chamber, the Task Force, Barnhart's and the CIA (just kidding.) I am truly sorry if this causes any inconveniences to  our committee We are notifying the LDN and WKLA.
Update: Grandpa Hamlin arrived in Ludington Friday evening and comfortably spent the weekend at the ferry dock. His shipping expenditures were reduced by $1500 with a tab of somewhere between $500 and $800 due to a method of a wooden crate that can be unclipped, stored, picked up and reused by the transport company. 
The oval cement pad has been installed in the waterfront park and landscape boulders have been selected.  Jack Michevich is planning to move the crate on Wednesday (weather permitting) and install.  The artist included a traceable template, numbered photos for installation of the fish lines, anchoring screws and written instructions. It was decided not to enhance the artwork at this point in time with the blue water tiles. We still need to track our sign and have it installed while Jack is on-the-job.  Shawn McDonald and Jack Harper have been highly accommodating with regards to the finishing touches necessary in order to give our sculpture a noteworthy and esthetic presence in the park.  Several of you have expressed the desire to be onsite when Grandpa is uncrated for a first glimpse. When Jack gives me a heads up of an  approximate time I will sent out an email.
Don Clingan is putting together the agenda for the dedication on Friday the 24th at 5 pm.. Both Hooked On Hamlin and Follow the Leader will be dedicated.  Following the dedication there will be sparkling apple juice (thanks, Chrissie) and cake served in the pavilion.  Beginning @ 7pm there will be an open celebration at Barnhart's with food, entertainment and a cash bar. Food is being determined (thanks, Gail Hannah)  table decorations (thanks, Kay H.) and a banner (thanks, Paula Veronie.)  We will need our committee to come together and put in a  bit of  creative effort prior to enjoying a momentous night on the lake. Barnhart's  needs a bit of spiffing up for a  slightly improved atmosphere. Perhaps some potted flowers, candles etc...anyone interested? I'm also hoping for a pretty sunset! 
I want to take this opportunity to thank all of you for being a part of this heartfelt endeavor.  It's been an absolute privilege to share some moments in time with you in an effort to honor this special place that we share and love, Hamlin Lake. 
Have a safe and happy 4th!

  Hamlin Lake Preservation Society, PO Box 178, Ludington, MI 49431