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Process of Clay Sculpting


As you see, the clay original begins with the blue Styrofoam armature.  Then, clay is applied to the foam and Sandy sculpts in the clay.  The clothing is put on to make sure the size of the body is correct and for Sandy to photograph how the clothes lay on the body and the folds in the clothes.  This helps him make sure the sculpture is as realistic as possible and gives you an idea of what the final clothing will look like.  He has the hat that he will use as a model to sculpt from, but we wanted you to be able to see the face so we did not put it on for the photo…

He has finished the shoes…the real shoes are put next to the sculpted ones for you to see the likeness that Sandy achieves.

The boy that is being “rough” cast at the foundry is finishing and will be shipped to the studio within a couple of weeks.  At that time, the grandfather will be finished in clay and Sandy can make sure the new grandfather clay and the original bronze boy ‘fit’ together and are a visually cohesive unit.  Then, both will be shipped to the foundry.  The bronze boy will be finished and the grandfather clay original molded and cast in bronze.  Additionally, the third stump will be sent with the two figures and molded and cast at the same time.  As we discussed, this process usually takes 4 to 6 months… but I think we are well within the July dedication date…July 17th right?


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