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December 2008

The sculpture is in the works! 

The Friends of Hamlin Lake have made two payments and on 28 February 2009, our third payment is due to the  sculptor, W. Stanley Proctor of Tallahassee FL.  We have raised $77,000 in cash and pledges.  The minimum needed for the artwork was $75,000. We have forwarded over 50 dvd's to individuals who have contributed $20 with requests and some pledges have not yet been remitted by individuals who intend to contribute in 2009. 

We still need to raise monies for expenses, shipping, insurance and installation (estimate another $5,000 to $8,000).

The sculpture has yet to be titled or inscribed. The name of the piece is "Catch of the Day" but the artist has agreed we can rename it in honor of Hamlin. 

The artist is currently working on "Grandpa's face"! 

We do not have a dedication date yet. So, as you can see there is much to be done regarding fundraising and timetables for events.
We are in the third phase of the financial campaign to raise  money.  The mass mailer brought in $12,000.  We want to approach local businesses with a $2,500 match from Hamlin Grocery.  That will be our focus in January and February.  If the funds are not raised by the end of March we will have to do another fundraising activity.

Ginny Hluchan

  Hamlin Lake Preservation Society, PO Box 178, Ludington, MI 49431