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Progression from Stump-Filled Swamp to Home! 

 By Diane and Allan Segel

 Our ancestors came to Michigan in 1866 in a covered wagon.  They built a house in the city of Ludington in 1879 on the corner of Rath  (Charles) and Fitch Streets which at that time was the start of Bryant Woods. 

 We have always come to Hamlin Lake and the Ludington State Park for our vacations.  We have walked all the trails in the park, gone swimming at the Hamlin beach and jumped off the diving board. Our family remembers the Island trail when you had to go from stump to stump instead of the nice bridges they have now. 

We purchased the land for our home in 2000 and our home was completed for us to move in by 2003.  We are at 4611 N. Lakeshore. 

  Hamlin Lake Preservation Society, PO Box 178, Ludington, MI 49431