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“Over the Water”

Robert & Joan Secrist, Middle Bayou

 We bought our cottage in 1982 after spending many summers renting cottages on Hamlin Lake.  Our understanding is that originally our cottage was know as, “Over-the-Water” when it was constructed.  It was built about a century ago when the military was in the area as a boat house with sleeping quarters above. 

 When we purchased our cottage it was winter with snow on the ground.  The building was on a concrete slab.  It is now located on shore about ten feet from the water on the north shore of the Middle Bayou.  The son of the man who sold it to us asked, “Does water still run through it when it rains?”  Soon after he asked, it rained and the water did run through the bedroom and living area.  We found that the window sills were rotten.  We contacted a man from Hart who agreed to raise the cottage about four feet, put a proper foundation under it with a new wooden floor.  He did all the work the next winter with aid of his two young children.

We then began rebuilding the interior of the cottage ourselves.  After relocating the bathroom, we took our the inside walls and redesigned the inside including replacing the ladder to the second floor with an enclosed stairway.  We removed nine layers of roofing, replacing the sheeting and reroofing with the help of our children and some young people from Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp where two of our four children were counselors.  With the help of our family we completely gutted the building relocating every room to make a three bedroom cottage with new windows and doors instead of curtains throughout.

 After residing the exterior, we had a “L” shaped boat dock constructed, putting in a boat lift for our ski boat.  We now have a comfortable summer cottage enjoyed at various times by ourselves, our four children and our six grandchildren.  Our winter home is in Ohio.  We constantly marvel that there is no lake in Ohio that is even mildly comparable to Hamlin Lake.


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