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Fourth of July Memories of Hamlin Lake

Judy Hoxie Thorp

 In the late1970’s the Indian Pete Bayou Yacht Club (IPBYC) was formed.  While there was no real Yacht Club, the purpose of the group was to organize activities on the lake for the Fourth of July celebration.  The annual event consisted of regatta, a neighborhood picnic and fireworks all organized to enable people to enjoy both the events in Ludington and on the lake.

 The boat regatta began in the afternoon in Indian Pete Bayou where the decorated boats gathered and then began a parade out of the bayou, around Sunset Bay, through the Narrows and into the lower lake.  Crowds gathered around the shoreline and many families decorated their lakeshores for the fun event.

 In the evening, a pot luck picnic was held in the early years on the tennis court of the Herman property on Sunset Bay and one year it was held at a bed and breakfast hotel next to Barnhart’s.  At dark the fire works were enjoyed from the same locations. 

 The Hamlin Township Fire Department took over the celebration and moved it to Wilson Hill.  There was an annual pig roast with lots of side dishes and desserts followed by the fire works in the evening. 

 As the years went by, the fireworks were moved to Camp Douglas Smith where they can be viewed easily by all on the upper lake.  The pig roast evolved into an ice cream social that continued for many years. 

 The fireworks are sponsored by the Hamlin Lake Preservation Society and are funded by donations.  They continue to be an event enjoyed by the residents on the lake, drawing both a large boat crowd and an audience of spectators along the lake shore.

I do not have dates.  If you know any dates, please add them.  I have attached the article I wrote and some photos that I have from past regattas.  I know that in the begining the IPBYC funded everything and then the HLPS took over but I do not know dates.  Judy Hoxie Thorp


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