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Jake’s Villa

 Barbara & Harry Jacobs

Grace Avenue, Indian Pete Bayou

 My parents, Ann and Bill Laurence purchased property on Grace Avenue at the mouth of Indian Pete Bayou in 1960 after having spent many vacation years at Walt’s Cottages (now Waterfront Cottages) in the bayou.   Having been here thorough four generations, we are very proud that our family has been part of the history of the lake.

 At the time my parents purchased our property, there was no breakwall.  All we had was a small one room cottage that contained the kitchen, four bunk beds, a coal stove, sink and no bathroom!  We had to use a “sanitary toilet.”  Showers were taken in a make-shift area and water was heated for the showers by using a “sun heated container” which was hung up on a pole out in the sun in a place where we couldn’t be seen!  Needless to say, we took very quick showers.

 That first summer was a family affair, with everyone working to put up a breakwall and fill in for a lawn.  Our two sons, Bill and Bruce were very young at the time, but we all worked hard shoveling dirt to put in a septic system and a lawn.  Our in-laws, Ann and John Jacobs were all part of this wonderful adventure – owning our own lake property!  My brother, Harold Lawrence and his family, were all a part of this also and he was going to college at the same time, sharing his time between “building a summer place” and “a place for himself as an educator.”

 The elder Lawrence’s and elder Jacobs have passed away and were not able to see the results of their work and the changes that have taken place with a very comfortable home, water toys and in-door comforts.  They are always remembered by their children and grandchildren who keep the memories and continue to work to preserve them.

 We are now fourth generation at Hamlin Lake and so proud to have provided, with all their help and energies a happy place for them to enjoy.  Our sons and their families have wonderful legacy fo follow and preserve.  All of our friends and relatives who enjoy the outdoor like life have been an integral part of our good fortune and continue to pass along stories, adventures and safety for our future generations to enjoy at beautiful Hamlin Lake.

  Hamlin Lake Preservation Society, PO Box 178, Ludington, MI 49431