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Fishing in the Narrows

 Harry & Barbara Jacobs

Jake’s Villa on Grace Avenue, Indian Pete Bayou

 I remember being out fishing with my dad one April in the early 1960’s.  We were anchored just west of the narrows toward the dunes.  While we were fishing, the fog came rolling in so quickly over the dunes off Lake Michigan  we did not even see it coming.  Before we could pick up anchor and out run it back to the bayou, we were caught in the thick fog.  Because we had to stay put and wait for the fog to pass, we continued to fish. 

 As we were sitting there fishing, we heard the “putt-putt” noises of a motor and guys talking.  They were going so slow that for a long while we could hear but not see them.  When finally they came into sight, it was like they were on a cloud and only about 15 feet away from our boat.  No water was visible – it was an eerie sight.  They were surprised to see us and asked where they might be.  We suggested they anchor near us until the fog lifted. Since they were new to Hamlin Lake, they were glad to have someone lead them back to land.

 It was a great sight to see water again as the fog slowly lifted above our head.  A lesson learned by our family – get off the lake quickly when the fog comes rolling in. 

 (Having a compass on the boat might be a lesson for another story.)


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