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Clarks’ Castle Point Resort

 Jack and Jeanie Clark, Castle Point Resort, Indian Pete Bayou

 In 1954 after vacationing and fishing on Hamlin Lake since 1946, our grandparents, Merrill and Ethel  Bennett bought property on Indian Pete Bayou.   Grandpa Bennett decided to make his and grandma’s permanent home on the lake they loved.  They purchased the property with our beautiful cottage from Ruth Keldernik for $14,000.  In the spring of 1955 he and his son-in-law Ed Clark began and completed construction of six rental cottages and opened for business that same summer. 

 The previous owners of the property knew a woman from Germany that used to vacation on Hamlin Lake and she built stone castles at different locations on our property.  These were replicas of castles in Germany she had seen, thus, the resorts name came to be. We have been told that the castles were made in the 1920’s.

 Gale and Helen Myers were the first customers at the resort that summer.  Mrs. Myers continued to come up for the next 44 years!  There have been several families that have been of three generations down through the years that continue to vacation with us.

 Grandpa and Grandma Bennett continued to operate the resort until 1976, at which time their daughter, Janet, and her husband Ed took over ownership and operations.  They had moved up to Ludington from Dayton, Ohio in 1973, but Grandpa and Grandma were not quite ready for “retirement” at the age of 80!! So it was in 1976 that Ed and Janet were able to take over the family business.  Ed constructed a three bedroom home for Grandpa and Grandma on the property, as well as doing a lot of remodeling of the main house and the cottages.  They continued to operate the business thru the summer of 2001.  Upon the winter of 2002 their son, Jack, and I purchased the resort, and are proud to be the third generation to own and operate Clark’s Castle Point Resort!  This coming summer of 2005 marks the resort’s Fiftieth Anniversary.

 It has always been Jack’s dream to continue what his grandfather started back in 1954.  He spent every summer at his grandpa’s side since he was nine years old.  So down thru the years there has been new construction, remodeling, docks and activities added, but our family’s dream has always remained the same!

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