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Partridge Pointe History

In 1932 William and Lillian Lilley of Chicago purchased 400 acres of land on Lower Hamlin Lake just north of the North Bayou.  This property, with over 2,000 feet of frontage on the lakeside, also stretched eastward more than 3,000 feet along the north side of North Bayou. 

 The Lilleys built a beautiful English Tudor style summer home on their bluff over looking the sand dunes across the water.  After their deaths the property changed hands several times until 1980 when a large portion of it was purchased by Kenneth and Barbara Maclean of Ludington, who began development of what is now known as Partridge Pointe.  Their purchase did not include the land where the Lilley house stands or a portion of the land south of the home sloping toward North Bayou.  That parcel has since been developed by other owners and is known as Woodlure.

Mr. Maclean began development of Partridge Pointe in 1981, building roads and a 47 acre subdivision with 44 lots for single family homes, a four unit condominium, beach area, boat launch, docking facilities and tennis court.  The remaining 278 acres have been allowed to retain their natural state.

 The Woodlure Group was formed by William Lilly in the 1930’s.  The program from a Picnic Supper in August of 1936 describes an evening beginning at 5 PM with appetizers, followed by dinner and a Talkfest.  Card games at 10 PM, a Wiener Roast at 11 PM and singing from 11:30 to 1 AM.  Spaghetti and Liver served at 2 AM and breakfast at daylight. 

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