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Piney Ridge Resort

Sauble Inn

Bugg House

Arcadia Resort

Griswolda Resort

Camp Douglas Smith

White Birch Inn

Pleasant Hill

Point  Comfort

Castle Point

North Bayou                         

Hamlin Lake Hotels & Resorts

Three large hotels and several large Resorts on Hamlin Lake near Ludington, Michigan, enjoyed national fame during a time period from the late 1890’s through the early 1930’s.  Easily accessible from either Chicago or Milwaukee, tourists would come for a week’s vacation or for the whole summer.  Here they enjoyed the cool breeze from the lake and maybe doing a little fishing.  The names of those resorts are at the left.

From Chicago, families would take the train to the Rush Street Bridge and board the Steamers for Ludington.  The Steamers would leave at 7 PM and be in Ludington before breakfast.  For a few years the Goodrich Transportation Company Steamers came into Ludington and later it was the Northern Michigan Transportation Steamers. 

Another route to Ludington was to take the North Shore rail line from Chicago to Milwaukee and walk three blocks to the PM Steamer docks.  The PM Steamers would take you right to Ludington.  By 1908 the Model T was available and could be used to drive to Ludington.  It was a two day trip from Chicago and the road went through Grand Rapids. 

This was an era when men wore tweed suits with felt hats or straw boaters.  Ladies wore tailored dresses with leg of mutton sleeves and wide brimmed hats.  It was not unusual to see men in suits and ladies in long dress at the beach.  They did have bathing suits, but hardly like ours.  Men wore body suits that came down to their knees and women wore pantaloons with ruffled dresses and knee socks. 


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