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Piney Ridge Stories


 Marilyn Wendell, Piney Ridge Road


The Wendell Family began coming to Hamlin Lake in 1927.  The Wendell’s cottage is next to the property where the old Piney Ridge Hotel was located.  John Wendell was at the family cottage the night the Piney Ridge Hotel caught fire and burned to the ground.  He and his sister and friends went in their boat out into the lake to watch and to be safe in case the fire came close to their cottage. 


The Piney Ridge was an elegant hotel with dancing, tennis, aquaplaning (before water skiing).  Visitors to the hotel came on the dummy railroad down Lake Shore Drive.  They took a launch the ½ mile across Hamlin to the hotel.  The hotel manager, J.J. Smith, went on to run the Portage Point Hotel in Onekama. 


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