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Griswolda Store 1913


The Griswolda store is at the main landing pier and it easily reached from all parts of the resort, and also from residences on the other side of the lake.  Groceries, fruits and vegetables, butter, milk and eggs, confectionery and ice cream are kept on sale.  Also gasoline and kerosene, and a few house wares.  Bread, pastry and cooked food, prepared at the Griswolda Inn, are also on sale.  Orders are taken for fire wood and ice.


Lunches are furnished for picnic parties, if ordered in advance.


Mail is received daily from Ludington by rural free delivery, and is distributed at the store.  Local and long distance telephone service is provided at the usual rates. 


Mail should be directed to Griswolda, Ludington, Michigan.


  Hamlin Lake Preservation Society, PO Box 178, Ludington, MI 49431