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The Dummy Train


In 1895, tracks were laid for the Epworth League Railway in order to carry passengers from Ludington to Epworth. 

In 1902, J.S. Stearns extended the tracks to Hamlin Lake, opening up an inaccessible region to the outside world.  First the train went to the Middle Bayou only.  In 1906, the tracks were extended to the North Bayou to carry out 5,000,000 feet of lumber owned by Cartier.

The Dummy Train ran from Ludington to Hamlin Lake, a seven mile distance, with an engine and three passenger-coaches that could seat 75 people in each coach.  The cars were open and the train ran forward and backward making frequent stops. 

The fare was 5 cents to Epworth and ten cents to Hamlin.  In the year 1909, the Dummy Train carried 200,000 passengers. 

The passenger service was discontinued in June of 1919 because the owners were loosing money.  The automobile had been invented and roads were being built enabling people to get to the lake in their own auto. 


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