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Piney Ridge Resort

William G. Hudson of Ludington built the Hudson Bay Resort in 1896.  In 1901 he enlarged the hotel and renamed it the Piney Ridge Resort.  It was a fifty room hotel with a wide veranda where the ladies could sit and do needle work with the cool breeze on a summer afternoon.  On the first floor of the Hotel was the dining room and parlors along with offices.  In the basement were the game rooms with pool, billiards, cards, table tennis, shuffle board, chess and dances on highly polished floors.  There was even a dark room available for photographers.  Outdoors there was riding, fishing, rowing, and sailing. 

The hotel burned in 1938 in a spectacular blaze. 

Piney Ridge is called Piney Ridge Resort but it was just a hotel.  There were no other cottages to make up what we would think of as a resort.

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