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Hamlin Lake

Hamlin Lake is a beautiful double inland lake, fifteen miles long, situated in Michigan, Mason County, Hamlin Township, Big Sauble Point.  The prevailing southwest winds are moderated by passing over the waters of Lake Michigan.

The Scenery about Hamlin Lake is extremely diversified.  The shores are covered with dark green hemlock trees and are broken by numerous bays and inlets.  The waters are well stocked with fish, and are warm enough for bathing.  The Sauble River, at the upper end of the lake can be explored by canoe. 


Wow!  Can you imagine that, 1000 free lots!  At today's prices for property in the Hamlin Lake area this sounds too good to be true.  But on August 11, 1901 this ad (click on left to see the ad) ran in the Chicago Tribune touting free land on Hamlin Lake.  Now, while careful reading of the ad informs you that none of the lots are lakefront property, still they are free!  Each lot is 33x66 feet and all you need to do is send $1.88 to the county treasurer in Ludington to cover the cost of the deed and tax certificate and the lot is yours.  This Michigan Land and Improvement Company was giving away 1,000 of these lots.  The ad states that there is no prettier spot this side of Switzerland than this area of Hamlin Lake.


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