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Henry Shagway

There were two Indian farmers in the area who supplied the resort with fresh vegetables and dairy products. Henry Shagway had a farm on what is now Shagway Road.  His log cabin and barn where he lived until his death in 1925 are still there though the log cabin has been moved. Henry Shagway lived in the log cabin on Shagway Road until he died in 1925.   

Henry built a large barn and kept horses and cows. He cultivated half the forty acres, pastured some, and allowed about five acres to remain in woods. He supplied neighbors and resort stayers with milk and other farm products, plus hunted, fished and trapped. After Henry’s death in 1953, the 40 acres became part of his estate and were sold to the Gregory family in 1954.

Initially, the forty acres of land on the southeast corner of Sherman and Shagway Roads, were owned by Charles Mears and used for lumbering. They passed through several owners, largely undeveloped, until Henry Shagway purchased them in November of 1898 for $100. Soon after buying the land, Henry, with the help of his uncle, Pete Espiew, built a cabin and barn - they both burned down a few years later! A new cabin was built, from logs cut on this very property.

He operated a dairy farm and grew vegetables.  Henry would deliver milk and fresh vegetables to the people in cottages in Griswolda using a rowboat that he kept in Indian Pete Bayou. 

Henry also collected reeds from the marshes in the area and took them to his mother who made baskets to sell to the summer residents.

There are two antique photos of the Shagway cabin and one taken in May of 2009.  This cabin is still standing on Shagway Road along with the Shagway dairy barn.  The cabin has been moved from its initial spot but can still be seen in the woods along the road.



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