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Bugg House

In 1898 William Bugg built The Hamlin Villa, a wooden red building on Bugg's Point.  By 1903 he also built a 50 room hotel next to it with a 45 foot long porch overlooking the lake and called it the Bugg House.  This was a very popular summer hotel for tourists during the “Roaring Twenties” when many celebrities slept there.  The name was later changed to Edgewater Hotel.  It burned in 1925 though it was rebuilt as cottages and continued for many years as the Edgewater Resort.  There was an adjoining farm where they grew fresh fruits and vegetables.  They held Saturday Night Dances and many people came out from town for these dances. 

The Bugg House was the first to get electricity and they sold ice cream in their basement.  Teddy Roosevelt is said to have stayed there while running for his second term in office.

The launch run by the Bugg House was the Tilly C.

The Bugg House was a hotel with two buildings. 


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